New Faces on Campus

Caleb Crain, Editor-in-Chief

Pali High hired 21 new staff members for the 2016-17 school year, according to Ms. Amy Nguyen, the school’s Human Resources director.

Nguyen said the influx of new staff members is caused by retirements as well as newly created positions, including a new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) teacher.

One of the newly hired teachers is not new to Pali. Band director Alex Dale, a former Pali drum major, has returned to Pali after finishing his undergraduate work at Northwestern.  

Alex Dale
Alex Dale

In addition, former leadership advisor and history teacher, Dr. Chris Lee has moved into the ranks of administration, becoming the school’s Director of Admissions.  

Here is a list of the new staff members:

  • Mr. Michael Rawson — Director of Development
  • Ms. Desiree Bain — School Nurse
  • Ms. Michelle Green — English
  • Ms. Sundai Johnson — English
  • Ms. Alaina Voccio — English
  • Mr. Alex Robinson — English
  • Mr. Joel Jimenez — EL
  • Ms. Jennifer Pazirondeh — Math
  • Mr. Daniel Pass — Math
  • Mr. Alex Dale — Music
  • Mrs. Alucia Rovetta — Italian
  • Ms. Claudia Prada — Spanish
  • Ms. Lauran Spivack — Social Science
  • Mr. Peyman Nazarian — Social Science
  • Mr. Dustyn Woropay — Social Science
  • Mr. Geoffrey Bowman — Social Science
  • Mr. Andrew Williams — CTE/STEM
  • Ms. Carol Croland — RSP SpEd
  • Ms. Marisol Alba — RSP SpEd
  • Ms. Kinema Ivra — RSP SpEd
  • Ms. Leeann Ross — Office Assistant
  • Ms. Brittany Davidson — Copy Clerk