Drain Gang: An Innovative Trap Oddity

Drain Gang: An Innovative Trap Oddity
December 17, 2020

What comes to mind when you think of a group that holds ritual gatherings, pulls members from the obscure fringes of society and boasts a fast-growing, cult-like following? A backwoods pagan religious...

ASB Adapts to a Virtual Setting

ASB Adapts to a Virtual Setting
December 10, 2020

In a world where Zoom has become the means of social connectivity and learning, the Associated Student Body (ASB) has taken on a new way of bringing together the student community.  After a switch...

The Future of Yearbooks

The Future of Yearbooks
December 8, 2020

Student surveys, personal headshots, senior superlatives and spirit weeks — hundreds of memories compiled together into a paper-bound book creating a journal of students’ past year in high school. The...

Club Plans Virtual Benefit Concert for Water Crisis

Pali Thirst Project Co-Presidents Jenna Barad and Stella Becir meet virtually with Thirst Project Director of Student Activation Kellen Brewer
December 7, 2020

An estimated 663 million people lack access to clean drinking water, a number that more than doubles the population of the United States. This was a fact unbeknownst to Jenna Barad and Stella Becir before...

Student Task Force Gets Out the Vote

December 7, 2020

Although America’s recent national election took place in the midst of a pandemic, the engagement of young and old resulted in the largest voter turnout in history. Locally, part of the youth...

Performing Arts Classes Adjust as COVID-19 Strikes

AcaPali Meeting In The Park: Members from left to right - Erika Gedgaudas, Jack Essner, Will Merchant, Morguinn Korbonski, Lola Stockard, Oona Fitzmaurice

Photo Taken By Jessica Jacobs
November 20, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has created major obstacles for schools nationwide, as students and teachers alike struggle to adapt to online learning. While some classes lend themselves well to a virtual format,...

How I Stayed Productive in Quarantine…. Or Not

June 1, 2020

In this unprecedented time, there seems to be so much pressure to be the perfect person and to use this time to be more productive. It's overwhelming. Throughout the past couple of years, I realized...

What is Pali doing to combat climate change?

What  is Pali doing to combat climate change?
June 1, 2020

Climate change is real, and humans are causing it. For the past 800,000 years, the Earth’s carbon dioxide level has remained lower than 300 parts per million (ppm), despite multiple ice ages and warming...

Juniors Affected By Coronavirus

Juniors Affected By Coronavirus
May 18, 2020

For the class of 2021, this is arguably the most important semester of high school. Yet most expectations have been shattered or drastically altered, and any existing plans have been reassessed. As members...

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Way Teachers Work

May 17, 2020

The COVID-19 virus began making an appearance in Washington and California during late January and February, and by mid-March, it caused a nationwide transition to eLearning, which hit home at Pali. Faced...

Pressures of Online School

May 13, 2020

All across the country, on-campus schooling has shut down because of the coronavirus. Some schools have ended the school year entirely and others have transitioned to different forms of virtual learning....

Pali Seniors Commit To Colleges Around the Country

May 13, 2020

As if parents’ jobs were not hard enough, every year come April, they must face the dreaded task of consoling their angsty, hormonally imbalanced, heartbroken children who were not accepted into their...

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