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The online student newspaper of Palisades Charter High School


The online student newspaper of Palisades Charter High School


Pali’s Growing Pains

Ryan Patton, Staff Writer June 8, 2018

A spike in student enrollment combined with a decrease in teachers this year has led to an overall increase in class sizes. The average general education class size is now 32, compared to 30 last year,...

Fighting for the Field

Hannah Yick, Tideline Staff Writer June 1, 2018

Pali’s Stadium by the Sea—one of the school’s greatest prides—is home to several athletic teams that represent the school. The field teams include Football, Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Soccer, Boys’...

Boys’ Volleyball Prepares to Serve Up Strength in the Upcoming Season

Hannah Yick, Tideline Staff Writer June 1, 2018

During the week of February 5, Pali’s main gym squeaked under the pressure. Sneakers tore across the sleek wood floors as boys dove and lunged— Volleyball tryouts for the upcoming spring we’re coming...

Pali elects next year’s Leadership team

Caleb Crain, Editor-in-Chief June 2, 2017

On the week of Apr. 3, Palisades Charter High School had its elections for the leadership officers for the 2017-18 school year. The contest saw a total of 23 candidates vying for a spot as one of the leaders...

How “13 Reasons Why” glorifies suicide

Judy Zhang and Melissa Bunnapradist June 2, 2017

Recently, Netflix announced that the popular TV show "13 Reasons Why" will be returning to small screens for its second season. Since its debut at the end of March, "13 Reasons Why" has captivated the...

Point-guard Chelsey Gipson wins Wooden Award

Joe Meyerson, Editor in Chief June 2, 2017

Senior Pali point-guard Chelsey Gipson has won the 2017 John R. Wooden High School Player of the Year award for basketball. Gipson won the award in the CIF Los Angeles City Section division, the highest...

Pali searches for new electives and English courses

Caleb Crain, Editor-in-Chief March 20, 2017

This semester, Pali students struggled to find electives to put in their schedules, and many underclassmen resorted to being Teacher’s Assistants, or TAs. Pali’s answer to that was a call to teachers...

The Fonz graces Pali

The Fonz graces Pali

Julian Speyer, Staff Writer March 8, 2017

On Tuesday, actor, author and producer Henry Winkler visited Pali to talk to students about topics such as the importance of humor and the power of resilience. The former “Happy Days” star spoke...

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#OscarsSoWhite attempts to right a wrong

Candace Yee, Entertainment Editor March 8, 2017

A simple telegram, sent in February of 1928, was used to notify actors, directors, producers, writers and technicians of their nominations for the first annual Academy Award. Three months later, in a private...

Girls soccer knocked out by Granada Hills in triple overtime thriller

Kia Kazemi-Nia, Staff Writer March 2, 2017

Pali girls soccer was knocked out of the CIF Los Angeles City Section semifinals, suffering a heartbreaking 2-1 triple-overtime loss to visiting Granada Hills on Tuesday Feb. 28. Pali sophomore forward...

Why Everything Should Have Pockets

Juliet Denbaugh, Staff Writer March 2, 2017

Pockets: the billion-dollar invention that still hasn’t gotten enough attention. You heard it here first folks, pockets are actively being deprived of much-needed appreciation, and they won’t stand...

The End of an Era — “Gotcha!”

The End of an Era — “Gotcha!”

Kiana Karimi, Copy Editor March 2, 2017

For many years, “Gotcha!” was a long-standing tradition for Pali High seniors. The goal of the game was simply to tag an anonymous, assigned target with a “Gotcha!” sticker and make sure the senior...

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