Pali elects next year’s Leadership team

Caleb Crain, News Editor

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On the week of Apr. 3, Palisades Charter High School had its elections for the leadership officers for the 2017-18 school year. The contest saw a total of 23 candidates vying for a spot as one of the leaders of Pali’s Associated Student Body, or ASB, for next year.

If elected they would serve as one of the school’s representatives, with a spot in Leadership, where they would make impactful decisions concerning the future of the school as well as smaller tasks such as organizing spirit weeks and coordinating events.

Over the past year, Leadership has delivered the State of the School Address, planned pep rallies and assisted in organizing a multitude of smaller activities on Pali’s campus.

After a vetting process by members of this year’s Leadership class and ASB leaders, the following candidates ran for these positions:


ASB President

Taylor Torgerson*

Avi Massaband


ASB Vice President

Abby Fisher*

Neku Dorri


ASB Secretary

Kayla Melamed*


ASB Treasurer

Ali Zafar-Khan*


Senior Class President

Nima Rafie*

Milly Davies

Alexander Siliezar


Junior Class President

Jessica Breitman*

Aidan Giannassi


Sophomore Class President

Taylor Smith*

Camryn Davis


Commissioner of Student Involvement

Hallie McRae*

J’Adore Baily


Commissioner of Athletics

Maria Abd el Messeh*


Commissioner of Publicity

Yasmine Iddrissu*

Riley Aronson

Marina Caro


Commissioner of Communications

Adam Toubian*

Lauren Hartog


*This person won their election and will be serving in this position next year.

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