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Skylar Ball, Staff Writer April 20, 2020

It’s the beginning of the school year and you’re sitting in math class. As the teacher takes roll, students pass around a sheet of paper, each adding their name and phone number before passing it on....

A Straight Guide from a Gay Guy

A Straight Guide from a Gay Guy

Henry Mueller, Staff Writer March 2, 2020

DONT’S Don’t say “oH mY gOd i WaNt A gAy BeSt FrIeNd!” OK, I get the message; who doesn’t want wonderful people around them? But, saying things like this implies that you want a gay friend just...

Crohn’s Disease? More Like Cool People’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease? More Like Cool People’s Disease

Skylar Ball, Staff Writer December 13, 2019

At the beginning of the school year, I began to feel a great sickness within me, but I brushed it aside as I had more important things to worry about, such as earning the validation of my disgraced editor,...

Pali's Cookie Craze V1

Pali’s Cookie Craze V1

Maya Millner, News Editor November 12, 2019

On December 6, 2018, I, Maya Millner, purchased my very first Pali cookie. I heard about them all semester. I witnessed my friends arriving late to lunch holding small, chocolate-stained plastic bags....

Freshmen: An Enlightened View

Freshmen: An Enlightened View

Paige Snepp, Opinion Editor October 4, 2019

My one source of solace in this enervating daily routine of school comes from observing the non-stop buffoonery of the freshman class. One can usually identify these students by their grating voices and...

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