The Fonz graces Pali

Actor Henry Winkler talks to Pali about his career, perseverance

Julian Speyer, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, actor, author and producer Henry Winkler visited Pali to talk to students about topics such as the importance of humor and the power of resilience.

The former “Happy Days” star spoke to a packed Mercer Hall about overcoming his dyslexia and his surprising ascent to Hollywood royalty. The Fonz urged members of the Pali community, in typical motivational-speech fashion, to disregard the pessimistic words of others and opt instead to “find your calling” in life.

Winkler recounted tales of the disapproval voiced by his cynical parents at his decision to become an actor, and their eventual shock felt in response to his success in the industry. Relating to the struggle of several Pali students, Winkler told stories of rejection from parents and administrators alike, adding that such negativity didn’t deter him from achieving his lifelong ambition.

For all those who missed, unfortunately Winkler is not scheduled to return to Pali anytime soon.