The End of an Era — “Gotcha!”

“Gotcha!” replaced with Pali’s Hidden Treasure

For many years, “Gotcha!” was a long-standing tradition for Pali High seniors. The goal of the game was simply to tag an anonymous, assigned target with a “Gotcha!” sticker and make sure the senior didn’t get him or herself “Gotcha-ed.” The last person standing won the grand prize of $200. “Gotcha!” was intended to be a light-hearted game. Indeed, “Gotcha!” galvanized the graduating class to participate in a senior activity — but then it turned into utter chaos.

Recently, the tradition took a turn for the worse. The game became too violent and dangerous, leading the administration to deem it unfit.

Former Pali seniors expressed their trepidation towards the game and reminisce on the memorable “Gotcha!” events they witnessed. “When I was in tenth grade, someone actually jumped on someone’s car to prevent them from leaving after seventh period,” said Pali High graduate Lily Green.

Two years ago, after school, a group of students blocked the cars of the drama students in an attempt to tag them. “The group of seniors didn’t leave until a teacher intervened in the situation,” said Pali High graduate Campbell Healy.

The status of “Gotcha!” was under scrutiny for many months until Leadership and Ms. Newbill addressed the long-awaited decision. Ultimately, they put an end to the senior event.

“People were running everywhere when they shouldn’t be,” said senior representative Eiman Abdoalsadig. “Last year, one senior got on the rooftop of the A building to catch their assigned senior. It just became out of control. We decided we couldn’t be responsible for such a game.”

On Feb. 6, “Gotcha!” was replaced with the game “Pali’s Hidden Treasure.” “Pali’s Hidden Treasure” is an online game centered on the seniors’ ability to solve clues. The creator behind “Pali’s Hidden Treasure” is Ms. Newbill, who thought the game would be a “new and improved” substitute for “Gotcha!” The game commenced on Feb. 13 with a total of 88 teams and ended recently with a tie. The two teams split the $200 prize.

The demise of “Gotcha!” may have marked the end of an enthralling era but has hopefully sparked a new tradition for future Pali seniors.