Pali implements H.E.R.O. lessons

Tommy Berman, Staff Writer

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Every Monday in October, Pali students and staff are participating in a 40-minute campus safety lesson during an activity period. The program, named “H.E.R.O.” for the goals “Hide, Escape, Run, Overcome,” is designed to inform students of what to do during a violent intruder or other life-threatening situations.

According to Safe Kids Inc., the company that designed the H.E.R.O. curriculum, the program seeks to “create a generation of safe thinkers.” The organization currently provides services to more than 20,000 students nationwide, according to the company’s website.

During the activities, students were taught about many skills that could help them survive dangerous situations. This included how to escape a classroom and what precautions to take if a fire alarm was pulled. Additionally, students learned during these presentations to only run if the danger in the room was far greater than outside the room.

On Monday, Oct. 15, the third H.E.R.O. lesson took place, with the focus on how to run away from campus. Students were taught “danger running,” a zig-zag formation used to escape an active shooter. Afterward, students viewed a video on the rally points of where to group up once they had escaped. These rally points are the Women’s Club, El Medio Bluffs, Temescal Green and the Presbyterian Church.

Overall, the H.E.R.O. training program will continue into the following weeks with more information regarding how to overcome a potential active shooter, as well as other safety measures in instances of violence or danger.

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