ACT changes its testing policy to allow retakes

Arielle Hatton, Staff Writer

The College Board recently announced that, beginning next September, students will be allowed to retake certain sections of the American College Test (ACT).

Similar to the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the ACT tests students in an array of different academic subjects. Many students, however, prefer the ACT, as it includes a section on science, in addition to sections on advanced math, English Language Arts and vocabulary.

For this reason, teens everywhere, like sophomore Payton Ozar, are delighted to learn of the ACT policy change. Section retests will offer students the opportunity to target and focus on their areas of weakness.

Students will only be able to retake up to three sections of the exam per sitting.

“ACT testing is extremely nerve-wracking,” Ozar said. “However, enforcing limits like this will certainly reduce students’ workload and stress, ultimately helping to produce better test results.”

Moreover, the new ACT retakes will be completed digitally. This new digital format allows students to receive their results relatively quickly, in as little as two business days. Sophomore Samara Freedman took the practice ACT this year and says she is particularly excited about this new proposal.

“I love that idea of getting back my results so quickly,” Freedman said. “In recent years, I have had to wait as long as eight weeks to get my results back. The wait is probably the most stressful part of the whole experience.”

However, while many students are in support of the new digital format, some do not see the appeal. Junior Selene Lam said, “It really helps me to write and annotate on the test, which is something I wouldn’t be able to do with this new digital format.”

Despite her concerns, Lam says she is still thrilled for the changes made to the ACT testing policy. “The news helps ease my nerves,” Lam said. “I can stay calm knowing that this new policy will make retaking sections super easy and efficient.”