Graduation Plans Change due to COVID-19

Maya Millner, News Editor

Pali’s 2020 senior class will attend a virtual graduation ceremony on June 4 in lieu of a traditional, in-person graduation due to complications from COVID-19 and the resulting stay-at-home and social distancing orders. However, according to a Schoology post by Senior Class President Elisa Kim on Monday, May 4, seniors are guaranteed an in-person graduation once social distancing restrictions are lifted.

According to Kim’s post, the decision was “based on student and senior parent polls.”

Assistant Principal and Director of Academic Planning and Guidance Services Chris Lee said, “Mr. [John] Rauschuber is leading discussions with the PCHS Admin and a Senior Leadership caucus. We are also considering ideas and feedback from parents, families and the PCHS faculty.

“PCHS is complying with the California stay-at-home policies and guidelines and we are looking for ways to celebrate the class of 2020 in a safe and meaningful way,” Lee added.

“It seems to be the safest route possible, and that’s what every other school is doing,” senior Sarah Cordic said. “I’m feeling kind of indifferent to the whole situation. It’s more about being safe.”

Fellow senior Trace Kasick added: “I think that the graduation plan that Pali has chosen is the most appropriate one given the current conditions. I don’t see any other way to go about graduation.

“I really like how both students and parents were given an option for which graduation plan they like better even though they decided to go with both online and in-person graduation,” Kasick said. “My parents are satisfied with the decision, but they think that the online graduation is pointless.

“I think it’s safe to say that graduation is important to all graduating students,” he said. “It brings closure to four long years of hard work and allows students to revel in their accomplishments and reminisce over the good times with their friends.”