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Staff Shortage Affects Student Learning

Staff Shortage Affects Student Learning
Sage Denham

Several Pali teachers say they still struggle to find substitute teachers amidst a staff shortage present in California. This has been an ongoing issue since 2015, according to the Department of Education.

According to Spanish teacher Patricia Perez del Amo, the substitute shortage seen last year was caused by multiple long-term absences of teachers in similar time frames, as well as some teachers not finishing the semester. This created a shortage of substitutes available to cover for those teachers.

Director of Academic Achievement Monica Iannessa said that last year’s substitute shortage heavily affected Pali, especially in the language department.

Iannessa said that while Pali may have enough available substitutes, some don’t have the expertise necessary to cover certain classes.

“Some subs are talented in what they do, and some may have to teach outside of their expertise,” she added.

Substitute teacher Rachel Powell said that she has faced some significant difficulties in the past, such as substituting for classes not in her discipline or failing to receive proper benefits.

During a Pali Board of Trustees meeting on Oct. 17, 2023, Director of Human Resources Dr. Martha Monahan presented a substitute pay increase. This motion was approved by the board, which increased the substitute salary from $31.00 to $35.45 per hour. In addition, the long-term substitutes, who are employed for 90 days or more, saw a wage increase to $47.85 per hour. This raise went into effect on Oct. 1. 

However, full-time teachers who filled in as substitutes are paid their normal salary, causing the school to spend more money on covering classes. 

Powell believes that a solution to this problem includes improved treatment and appreciation of substitutes. 

“I hope support for ongoing subs continues to expand, such as paid holidays, benefits and a dedicated place to keep our belongings,” Powell said. 

The Spanish language department has been affected the most by this shortage, according to Iannessa and Perez.

Perez said that she offers extra support for students whose Spanish abilities have been impacted due to teacher absences in previous courses.

“We cannot control when and why a teacher has to be absent,” she said. “I am very aware that [some] students did not come to me prepared with what they were supposed to know, so I try to reteach things and review.” 

Senior Ashley Pomeroy had a substitute Spanish teacher for the last two months of her junior year because of the long-term absence of her Spanish 3 teacher. She believes that having a Spanish substitute for an extended period of time slowed down her learning process. This has had further repercussions for Pomeroy in her current Spanish 4 class. 

“There’s an obvious knowledge gap between me and the rest of the class,” she said. “I’ve never been great at Spanish, but the fact that I had a long-term sub did not help.”

These challenges are not limited to Pomeroy. 

“Most of my friends were afraid of being so far behind that they didn’t even take Spanish 4,” Pomeroy added. 

However, Pomeroy said she is grateful for the support she receives for the course.

“I’m very lucky that my current teacher is understanding about [students’ needs],” Pomeroy said. “Especially since not practicing Spanish for a while impacted me.”

Powell said that substitute teachers continue to do their best despite these challenges.

“Subs want to be valued as much as any other student, staff or faculty,” she said. “I am committed to making Palisades High an educational and inspiring experience for all.”

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