The hidden Face Behind @paliishigh

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The hidden Face Behind @paliishigh

Tommy Berman, Staff Writer

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The Instagram account @paliishigh, well-known among the student body, is run by an anonymous Pali student. In exchange for his cooperation with this story, he will maintain anonymity and be referred to as Franz Ferdinand.

Nobody, including the writer of this story, has identified the face behind @paliishigh. For this story, interviews were conducted via Instagram direct messages. A story pinned on the account by Ferdinand offers a few clues.

According to the story, Ferdinand is a Flat Earther, roams the halls with AirPods, celebrates April 20th as his favorite holiday, is a senior with short hair and embodies Radio Rebel.

The @paliishigh account was created in late December 2018 and has quickly grown to more than 1,000 followers, many of whom are Pali students. The account posts various memes aimed at the typical Pali student, poking fun at everything from friend groups, to nostalgic PRMS memories, to the cookie cart obsession. Each post receives hundreds of likes.

Ferdinand also hosts Instagram polls on topics such as the “most intimidating person at pali,’’ “who is someone you secretly wish you could be friends with at pali” and “hottest senior at pali.”

According to Ferdinand, the account is run as a democracy and existing followers are asked about various decisions, such as whether or not it would be creepy to have a poll voting on the “hottest” underclassmen. In the end, voters determined it was creepy, and Ferdinand did not conduct the poll.

Pali has had multiple meme accounts focusing on school life before @paliishigh. Yet, this one ranks among the most popular, based on follower counts and follower interaction. The account is fairly active, with Ferdinand often posting after school when Instagram activity is high.

Ferdinand has plans to reveal his identity after his account reaches 5,000 followers. Until then, he will continue to remain anonymous.

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