’Tis the Season for Tidings of Love, Joy – and Lovejoy


Photo courtesy of Andrea King

Caily Galvez, Staff Writer

These are the Dog Days of December, a fact not lost on a former Pali student who has made it her mission to find homes for animals housed in local shelters. Erin Lovejoy, who started a non-profit animal rescue organization, now finds herself trying to find homes for dogs, some of whom were abandoned by people who adopted them during the pandemic.

Based in Los Angeles, the Lovejoy Foundation has helped find homes for more than 13,000 dogs that have been surrendered or found as strays. 

However, donations are needed to continue this mission and save innocent animals, according to Pali librarian Andrea King, who volunteers at Lovejoy. Any donations will be used to support a series of programs, including medical care, food and supplies.  

There are a few ways to get involved, and anyone interested is encouraged to volunteer time, join the list of monthly sponsors or merely spread the word through social media.  

King, who has adopted puppies from the group, urges more people to get involved in rescuing. 

“Lovejoy is a rescue,” King said. “These are abandoned and abused dogs. Why not [adopt] instead of getting a designer dog and help lower the population for dogs who have nowhere to go and no home?” she said. 

While adoption may not always be an option for people, especially students, there is an opportunity for anyone to volunteer.  Pali students may earn community service hours by taking dogs for walks on any given Saturday or Sunday. Anyone interested is encouraged to call (310) 641-1537.

Unlike many shelters, Lovejoy even provides resources to people who need help after adopting a dog. 

King said she became familiar with Lovejoy after her dog died.

“My lab died after 16 years, and we waited some months,” she said. “I wanted to adopt another dog, and I was running all over everywhere. When I heard of this place, I went there and knew I was going to adopt my dogs.” 

During this holiday season, consider giving the gift of time, money or a loving home. As King attests, Lovejoy is making a huge difference for those involved in the community.