Leadership hosts Senior Tie-Dye


Arielle Hatton and Maya Millner

The annual Senior Tie-Dye took place on Thursday, Aug. 29 during seventh period in the quad. Seniors participated in the event by customizing a white shirt that has “SEN20R” printed across the chest.

Seniors were charged $13 if they pre-ordered their shirts and $20 for same-day purchases. Senior Class President Elisa Kim said, “It’s our first kickoff senior event. [It’s] to celebrate ‘Wow, we finally made it.’”

The Senior Tie-Dye is a staple event for seniors. As Kim explained, “the entire class is in one space and everyone interacts with each other. [It’s a] very unity-oriented event.” Kim plans the Tie-Dye with ASB Leadership, the Finance Office, and Senior Class Advisor and Social Science teacher John Rauschuber.

Senior Marc Pryor described it as the perfect place to “meet new friends” and “come together to work as a team.” For Pryor, the Senior Tie-Dye helps forge new bonds and strengthen old ones that he hopes to “keep for as long as [he] can.”

Senior Charlie Hobert, however, does not see the appeal of the event. “To me, it’s just a shirt that I’m not going to wear…” he said. “Now I have more money. I have 20 more bucks in my pocket. It’s kind of just the word ‘senior’ spelled wrong.”

Although he’s not a fan of the Tie-Dye, Hobert said leaving Pali “is a little hard because I like a lot of the people.”

The following senior event was the Senior Pool Party, which took place on Sept. 6.