Pali Offers a New Afterschool Business Law Class


Arielle Hatton, News Editor

Pali’s new afterschool business law class, offered and taught through West LA College, began on Monday, Feb. 10.

Director of Guidance and Planning Dr. Chris Lee said that, in an effort to “broaden” the variety of classes offered, the school has chosen to add West LA College’s business law class to the course catalogue.

Lee said that the new course was added, because it is “something we thought that a lot of people would be interested in.”

According to the course description posted by West LA College, this class is designed to introduce students to the legal aspects of business and its “application to everyday problems pertaining to business and to the individual.” The class is expected to cover “the essentials of the law of contracts: agency, employment, personal property, bailment, sales and real property.”

For more than five years, Pali has been offering online classes through West LA College, such as psychology and American Sign Language.

This 16-week course and will meet until the end of the semester. Classes take place twice a week afterschool from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. and are being taught by West LA College professor Kevin Dungey, who has an MBA.

For the last 12 years, Dungey has been teaching business law and marketing classes at West LA College, and he taught at Pali from 2008-12. He says he loves teaching business law because it gives him the opportunity to “increase [student’s] intellectual skills… and promote awareness” in a field that he is passionate about. Dungey added that he is “eager to begin teaching at Pali once again.”

Lee said that he believes this new class will be a great addition to Pali. He expressed his excitement for the class, saying that “courses like these are really good [for students] because they lead to certification” in careers such as real estate and business.

Many share Lee’s excitement for the new course. Senior Nima Rahmanian said he sees great value in the class. He feels as though the business law class “would be a great extension of the entrepreneurial pod” and could be a beneficial experience for the aspiring entrepreneurs at Pali.