Henry Mueller
Hi I’m Henry Mueller, a staff writer at Pali’s one and only newspaper: Tideline. I never felt like the strongest writer (for example I really don’t know if a colon was needed for the sentence above) but I feel that Tideline has shaped me into a more conscious one. Regarding journalism, I will never get used to interviewing people, especially when they don’t let me record them. I enjoy painting, running, baking and playing the bassoon (don't worry if you don’t know it, nobody does). I have a zero and a seventh period, both of which take place in Mercer Hall. The sport I do is dance and apparently it’s debatable whether if it should hold that title or not. Listen to me, if videogames are considered a sport so is expressing yourself through movement. PERIOD! Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading our newspaper!

Henry Mueller, Staff Writer

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Henry Mueller